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Forum: Impact Of Regulation On Funding Capacity for Community Radio Broadcasters In Africa

At a glance, it seems that public or charitable funding is the only viable sources to fund community radio services in Africa. However, a more detailed evaluation will reveal that owners and operators of community radio organisations seek to examine the impact that regulations have on their funding and revenue generation capabilities.

As part of the industry programme on "Community Radio Development In Africa", Broadcast Media Africa (BMA), in collaboration with 2Gwana Media (2GM), present the special online industry meeting on  
"Understanding Regulatory Frameworks for Community Radio Broadcasting."

The industry forum that will take place on Thursday 29th April 2021 from 11:00GMT via Zoom ONLINE will help identify and evaluate how regulations can be utilised to develop and expand revenue generation in the community radio broadcasting space.

The virtual forum will also address critical topics such as:
- Understanding the different forms of revenue generation within the community radio space
- What are some of the income generation limitations?
- What role can effective regulation play to help foster a sustainable funding environment for community radio broadcasters?

To be part of this virtual industry forum and to meet and share ideas with professionals and practitioners of media and radio broadcasting in Africa, visit the event website here!

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