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Zimbabwe: Country Plans To Award More TV and Radio Broadcasting Licenses

The Minister of Information, Monica Mutsvangwa, has announced plans to issue more television and radio licences to independent stations. During a speech at a media function, the minister said the government is committed to promoting diversity in the media space. Therefore, it will award more broadcasting licenses to demonstrate its pledge.  This transformation comes after 60 years of broadcasting monopoly. The first display of change was last year November, when six new players were awarded commercial television licenses.

Historically, Zimbabwe had only one television station since 1956; however, when the new government took office in 2018, the ministry was able to offer licenses to new players. It is expected that newly licenced stations will offer live broadcast within 18months from the licensing date.  Additionally, three community radio stations benefitted from the first set of issued licences.

According to Mutsvangwa, the new government is devoted to ensuring that journalists operate in an ideal environment whereby they can showcase their talents and quicken their access to information from government departments.  Media plays a vital role in supporting economic growth, she added.

So far, the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe has awarded national television broadcasters licenses to the following stations:
- Channel Dzimbahwe trading as Channel D
- Jester Media Services trading as 3K TV
- Zimpapers Television Network (ZTN)
- Rusununguko Media trading as NRTV
- Acacia Media trading as Kumba TV
- Fairtalk Communication trading as Ke Yona TV

The three community radio stations who have succeeded in receiving licences are:
- Mbembesi Development Trust
- Ntepe-Manama Community Radio Trust
- Nyangani Community Radio Trust

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