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Nigerian Documentary, "Awon Boyz", Premieres On Netflix On 14 April 2021

Awon Boyz, a 38-minute documentary created by Lagos based production company Zero Degrees, portrays Nigerian street hustlers' everyday life. The documentary will be premiering on Netflix on 14 April 2021, two years after its cinema premiere, which attracted industry heavyweights and celebrities. The documentary was initially released in 2019 and portrayed the people popularly known as 'area boys' who represent the stories of freedom, missed opportunities, love and self-belief while also providing an unseen interpretation of what it is like to live in the streets of Lagos.

According to Steve Babaeko, the Executive Producer of the documentary, the film provides an astute picture of how life is for people living in the streets. The story is fundamental; the production team is grateful to have the opportunity to tell a story of this class of Nigerian citizens through a personal and human lens to the world, said Babaeko.

The story follows eight young men who have brought in a new perspective on the number of graduates on the streets who have looked for jobs to no avail. One of the featured boys stressed that the people found on the streets try to hustle, but after their collections, the police often stop them and take their collected monies, leading them to believe the government is robbing them.

As Lagos is one of the most populated cities in Africa and Nigeria's commercial hub, living on the streets has become a day job for many, fuelling an ecosystem of artisans, beggars, traders, and many more. Steve Babaeko says the documentary will bring fresh perspectives too often stereotyped people and events on the African continent.


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