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Malawi Successfully Migrates To Digital Broadcasting - Reports

According to reports, Malawi has been confirmed as one of eight African countries that have successfully migrated from analogue broadcasting to digital broadcasting.

An analogue switching off ceremony was held in Liwonde, presided by Gospel Kazako, the Minister of Information. During the ceremony, Kazako said the migration from analogue to digital would offer more opportunities for the broadcasting industry, which will bring about meaningful contribution to the country's social, economic development.  Kazako continued to say; the digital migration will expand the broadcasting industry to allow new entrants and enhance competition in the industry.

The Minister highlighted the viewer as being the biggest beneficiary of the migration, as digital terrestrial television will enable the consumer to receive high-quality pictures and sound. Among other benefits, he added potential jobs as one of the beneficiaries for the citizens. Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority's Technical Advisor, Benson Tembo, concurred with the Minister's sentiments, stressing that the digital platform will allow more than 20 broadcasters to operate on one frequency.

Charles Thangalimodzi, the President of the Association of Content Providers in Malawi, added that digital broadcasting would help broadcaster offer high-quality service to viewers. However, he asked that the government reduce taxes for broadcasting equipment as many television stations were already struggling with revenue generations. Therefore, buying new equipment for the digital platform would furtherly strain the struggling stations.  

According to Tembo, the regulatory authority will provide multiple frequencies to different role players in the ICT industry. This will ensure information accessibility, which is the fundamental principle of democracy, he said.


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