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Facebook Launches Live Streaming Platforms To South Africa, Egypt And Morocco

Industry sources have reported that South Africa, Egypt, and Morocco are among the numerous benefactors to social network giant Facebook’s expansion into a ticketed live streaming platform.

A total of 24 countries worldwide will benefit from the platform, which lets creators get paid for live events.  The first launch was in August of 2020, which Facebook has reported a significant growth in creators of virtual tours, private concerts and live podcasts who have been using the feature to monetise.

According to Facebook, the creators earning an equivalent of US$10 000 a month using the platform increased by 88% year-on-year, while creators who are making US$1 000 climbed by 94%. The platform is now searching for ways to monetise its platform by introducing in-stream ads for Live, among other developments.  The giant has also introduced fan subscription as part of its efforts to increase monetisation methods.

The social giant has reported having more than 1 million active fan subscriptions to content creators. The company plans to increase and include more countries in the coming months, industry sources have reported.  Additionally, until August, Facebook will not be collecting revenue from the features. This meant that page owners could create live events, set a price, and receive 100% of the revenue generated.

When the platform initially launched, the social network had to negotiate with Apple and Google to waiver Apple Tax and Google Tax. Apple and Google tax accounts for 30% of the creator’s revenue in commission.


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