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Netflix Releases Date For South African Paranormal Series Called Dead Places

In recent reports, Netflix has announced the release of a new South African paranormal series directed by the owner of Motion Story, Gareth Crocker, called Dead Places. According to the reports, the series featuring 50 different locations across South Africa is set to debut on 16 April 2021. These shooting locations include Johannesburg, Cape Town, Cradle of Humankind and Thabazimbi, a town in Limpopo.

The series' storyline follows Will Stone (Played by Anthony Oseyemi), a paranormal detective who has returned home to investigate supernatural events for his new book. He forms an unlikely trio with Kelly (played by Shamilla Miller) and Joe (played by Rea Rangaka) during his investigations. Together, the trio hunts down mystic activities that happen in the dark.  In the process, Stone sets to search for clues to solve his sister's death.

Oseyemi's previous roles can be seen on Shooting Stars as well as on Shadow. Shamilla Millers will be remembered for her Netflix's Blood & Water role, where she played Riley's part. The new series is the work of director and Motion Story co-owner Gareth Crocker, known for his books Finding Jack and Journey from Darkness. Previously, Crocker and his studio produced a series called Shadow, another Netflix original in 2019. Crocker was the co-creator and co-director of the series.

For the current series, Dead Places, Crocker works alongside Chris Lawrance, Colleen Lawrance, and Phillip Wolmarans, the series producers. Crocker wrote the script and co-directed with Fre Wolmarans. Nick Keulemans did the series' cinematography.

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