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Mozambique: Restrictive New Broadcasting Laws May Hinder Freedom Of Speech – Reports

As reported by industry sources, Mozambique's freedom of speech may be restricted should the Mozambique Parliament pass the proposed media and broadcasting laws. Media reports indicate that organisations such as the Media Institute for Southern Africa (MISA) and the Electoral Institute of South Africa (EISA) voiced their concerns at the public hearing stating that the new laws in the parliament debate would restrict freedom of expression and press freedom.

Johannes Beck, DW's Head of Portuguese for Africa, warned that adopting the two new laws would affect domestic and international media providers, making Mozambique one of Africa's most closed media markets. In agreement, the Director of Programs for Africa for DW, Claus Stäcker, stressed the implications of the restrictions that it would limit the number of correspondents from international broadcasters and other foreign media to two per outlet. The results of the limitation would be the deprivation of many sources of information relating to events in Mozambique, Africa, and the world.

Johannes Beck says Mozambique's constitution favours freedom of the press and the right to information. Beck hopes that the parliament will not pass the two laws as this would negatively impact journalistic activity.

If the new laws are to pass, Beck continued, DW would search for a new and innovative way to broadcast in a quest to continue providing Mozambique audience with independent information. The people of Mozambique demand a balanced supply of information, added Beck. DW will continue to provide comprehensive reporting, including any further measures taken by the government.

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