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DTT: Nigeria's City Of Lagos To Switch Off Analogue TV By 29 April 2021 - According To Reports

The Acting Director of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), Prof. Armstrong Idachaba, has commended ITS LTD and their associates, StarTimes, to ensure that the required transmitters for porting from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcasting in Lagos are ready for 29 April 2021. According to reliable sources, Idachaba said, Nigeria is committed to continuing with the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting. Declaring after an inspection tour of digital transmitters at NTA Station, Channel 10, Tejuosho, Lagos during the weekend, Idachaba further said that the rollout completion date is still set for 2022.

The rollout's commencement was in 2016 in Jos, and a few years later, the team have moved to phase two.  Lagos, Port Harcourt, and other cities will be switched on to digital TV under the second phase, said the Acting Director-General.

In a released statement, the Acting Director-General reported that NBC would like to acknowledge the results that can be seen from the role of the partnership between StarTimes and NTA. The combined effort can be seen from the installed capacity for DTT transmission.  The relationship between the two companies has also ensured a quick turnaround in the rollout, starting from Lagos and moving to other cities.

We are happy that ITS LTD has already installed DVB2 technology.  With the visit to NTA premises in Tejuosho, we can confirm that the technical and infrastructural capabilities to kick off in Lagos on 29 April are ready, said Idachaba. Adding to Idachaba's statement, it has been reported that Alex Jian, the Acting CEO for NTA-Star TV Network said, the company's technical team is in place to support the country in its complete transition to digital TV.

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