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Nigeria: Multichoice Agrees To Add Three Northern TV Stations Following Petition

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) management team, Multichoice Nigeria Limited representatives, and the top official of CNG held a meeting at the commission's boardroom to discuss CNG's petition. The petition submitted accused Multichoice Nigeria Limited, owners and operators of DSTV, of not featuring northern-owned television channels on its DSTV platform.

Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, the spokesman of CNG, said in response to the call and meeting, the MultiChoice team welcomed the intervention as discussed in the conference by agreeing to accept three northern-based television channels for consideration. However, the process is still at its initial stages and will be continuous. Currently, the channels being considered for DSTV as per the minutes are Liberty, Tozali and Rahama.

In Suleiman's statement, the spokesperson provided assurance stating that Multichoice is committed to considering additional eligible and interested northern-based television channels on its DSTV platform. He further said that the current situation with Multichoice is due to a lack of credible communication in the languages understood by natives. He urged Multichoice to assist in bridging the existing communication gap. Multichoice Nigeria Limited has confirmed its stance to consider the three television stations on its DSTV platform.

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