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Radio: South Africa's Audience Data Interim Report To Be Release End March 2021

The Broadcast Research Council of South Africa (BRC) has committed to releasing radio audience data to the marketing and communications' third-party providers Telmar and Arianna by the end of March 2021.

BRC's CEO, Gary Whitaker, stated that the team is tremendously excited about the data's availability, especially given the lack of Radio Audience Measurement Survey (RAMS) data due to COVID19 in 2020. The last data release on media consumption and listening habits was previously released in Q1 of 2020. Since then, the various data sources reflect various changes and fluctuations in new radio, streaming and podcast listening behaviours. Telmar and Nielsen have been briefed, providing them with a clear data map, prelim, and questionnaire added Whitaker. This will help them start with the outline for quick uploading once the final data has been submitted.

Whitaker has assured sources that the second interim data will be released in May 2021. Face-to-face and online interviews will be conducted in combination for the survey to retrieve insight into the total radio listenership levels. The current data collection approach was completed in collaboration with the Advertising Media Forum, a collective of media agencies and individuals, including but not limited to media strategists, planners, buyers, and consultants.

The BRC has an overabundance of research data that will be coming out soon, Whitaker confirmed. The data includes the second recapitulation of the interim radio data and the new "future-ready" Radio Audience Measurement Survey with Ipsos.

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