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Cote d'Ivoire: Orange Announces New Partnership With Canal+

The Marketing Director, Raoul Yobouet, at Orange Ivory Coast, has announced a new fibre optic launch for business and individuals in partnership with Canal+.

Owing to the partnership with Canal+, a major media player in Africa and the Ivory Coast, Orange customers will highly benefit from Canal+ Bouquets comprehensive range offering.  When purchasing a fibre plan, the package will include Orange TV content, LES Bouquets Canal+, and more than 200 channels for the entire family to select from.  Also incorporated into the plan is a rich catalogue of films and Video-On-Demand series', comprising Blockbusters and exclusive local productions.

Additionally to the existing fixed subscriptions, the new plan is all-encompassing of high-speed internet connection, access to Orange TV, Video-On-Demand, access to Canal+ bouquets, as well as a mobile plan.

The package plan is an all in one and ensures that our customer's entertainment needs are covered, said Yobouet. The plan offering includes high-speed internet connectivity, which sits at 300mb/s, with fixed voice and mobile voice, rich entertainment package with Orange TV and Canal+. Orange Ivory Coast also offers the latest generation smart WIFI solution for optimal coverage and access to manage all the equipment connected via a mobile app.

By venturing with Canal+, Orange Ivory Coast wishes to fulfil our customers with a robust complementary program offering that meets their expectations, said Chief Digital Officer Habib Bamba.

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