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South Africa: Vodacom And Google Play Secure Distribution Rights For Zacks Snyder's Justice League

According to the latest reports, Zack Snyder's Justice League's much-anticipated blockbuster recut will be released domestically in South Africa on Vodacom Video Play and Google Play media platforms.

An official announcement has yet to be released; however, a reliable source within Vodacom confirmed to IGN that the movie would be available on their Video Play service. At this time, the method of release and pricing is still unclear. Conventionally, Vodacom offers both rental and subscription plans on their Video Play platform.

The official website of the movie has stated that both Vodacom and Google Play will lead distribution in South Africa. On the other hand, the Google spokesperson has not yet confirmed if Google Play will carry the movie; if they do, expect to pay a rental fee of R19.99 – R34.99, which seems to be the current price range for DCEU films currently.

In a recent interview, Snyder called out Warner Bros. International on how they have handled the film's international distribution. In the SnyderCutBR YouTube channel, Snyder can be cited saying, there has not been significant work done with the distribution of the movie, and he has been unable to figure out why. The Vodacom Video Play and Google Play will provide a legal avenue for the movie's release, which has huge relief to fans. Snyder's fanbase would have had to resort to pirating the film to watch it.

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