Digital Migration

South Africa: Digital Migration To "Definitely Take Off" This Month - March 2021!

The South African Ministry of Communications and Digital Technologies has confirmed that the Digital TV migration is definitely starting this month, with commencement in the South Africa Free State starting promptly.

According to sources, the department is working closely with the Provincial Government and District Municipalities to recruit local installers of government subsides decoders to accelerate digital broadcasting migration. Signal distributor, Sentech, has also been brought on board to assist with the decoders' installations. A spokesperson from the department stated a systematic plan is in place for the analogue transmitter's phasing from one area to the other.  This process will continue until all district municipalities migrated.

The digital broadcasting migration is a project that needs doubled efforts to free up the much-needed spectrum for use by mobile operators. In turn, South African will receive better networks and cheaper mobile data, said Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams.

Minister Ndabeni-Abrahams, further said, the department will be applying an inclusive approach. The public will receive detailed information about the digital migration project and the available options to consumers, especially those households that do not qualify for subsidies.  The government will be subsidising decoders for disadvantaged families that have a combined income of less than R 3 200 (US$220) per month. The already existing commercial satellite decoders are suitable as a migration alternative.

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