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Zimbabwe: New TV Station ‘KeYone TV’ Calls For More African Content

KeYona TV, a local independent broadcasting station that received its broadcasting licence in November 2020, is inviting all content creators to submit less than 10-minutes productions that celebrate Africa’s heroism. The productions are set to air in 42 countries in commemoration of Africanism in May. KeYona TV’s Chairperson, Cont Mlhanga said, the special programming will market African producers and play as evidence of the channel’s capacity.

During a talk at Theatre in the Park in Harare, Mhlanga shared the station’s goal with the Zimbabwe Film Industry Development Platform, which aims to run a unique programme for the entire month of Africa Month (May). He asked the filmmakers to create a ten-minute reel telling any African story of their choice.  The objective is to make this programme an annual marathon for producers, he said. Mhlanga further encouraged the content producers to collaborate with counterparts beyond the borders.

“The channel is reaching out to Arabic Africa. We want to break the divide between French, Portuguese, and English. We are willing to work through translators than being confined to one language,” said the Chairperson.

As shared by the Chairperson, KeYona TV’s focus is on content production and building. Between 1st June and 31st August, the channel will run its first production season; after that, decide on the exact dates to air the programmes. A programme guide will be released in September 2021.

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