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South African Netflix Documentary “My Octopus Teacher” Nominated At Oscars

The 2020 Netflix original film directed by Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed has been nominated for this year’s Academy Award, Oscars, under the best documentary feature category. “My Octopus Teacher” is a South African Documentary that documents a year spent by filmmaker Craig Foster establishing a relationship with a wild, familiar octopus in a South African kelp forest in False Bay (near Cape Town).

The film shows Craig Foster’s growing close relationship with an octopus he follows for nearly a year. It shows the octopus defending herself against underwater predators as well as the creativity needed to survive. The film competes with four others in the best documentary feature category: Collective, Crip Camp, The Mole Agent, and Time.

Before this nomination, “My Octopus Teacher” has received several awards in 2020, including two wins for Best Science/Nature Documentary and Best Cinematography at the Critics Choice Documentary Awards. The film also took the Grand Teton Award at the Jackson Wild Media Awards, which was nominated under eight categories. Another one of its wins was at the EarthX Film Festival, where it won the Best Feature Film Award.

A tweet from Nadia Neophytou, an Entertainment Journalist, read, Beyond the British Swedish film Searching for Sugarman, which won in 2013, “My Octopus Teacher”, will be the first film with a  South African connection to be nominated under the Best Documentary Feature category.


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