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CAF's Newly Elected President, Patrice Motsepe, Prioritises TV Rights

In 2019, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) cancelled its media and marketing rights agreement with Lagardere Sports and Entertainment. Since then, the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers, Champions League and Confederation Cup matches have not been broadcast.  Newly elected CAF president Patrice Motsepe has vowed to change this and prioritise the TV rights impasse.

Motsepe comes in to replace Ahmad Ahmad as the new CAF president. In a statement to the media, Motsepe said, Africa spends a lot of money watching European Football and that Africa needs to get more revenue from selling TV rights.  He continued to say, in South Africa, huge budgets are spent on European Football broadcasts which is terrific; however, Europe needs to invest as much money in African football.

There is an existing formula to get Africans excited about football, giving access to stadiums and broadcasting the games. Patrice has committed to utilising his business connections to improve CAF’s commercial deals and income from television and marketing rights. A meeting will be set to meet all the associations to start negotiating the rights, said CAF vice-president Ahmed Yahya. He further said that local rights would remain at the hands of national associations because that is their income source. However, when it comes to World Cup rights, they are in the hands of FIFA.


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