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Nigeria's DSO Team Alleges Switchover Delays Were Due Lack of Financial Support

The Nigerian Presidential Implementation Committee on Digital Switch Over (called the Digiteam) has alleged that the government withheld the startup funds to implement the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting.

During an interview with the News agency of Nigeria, the Chairman of Digiteam, Mr Edward Amana, said the rollout process delay was due to funds not being allocated to the committee appointed under the Digital Switch Over White Paper. By obligation in the white paper, the Digiteam is expected to oversee the complete analogue to Nigeria's digital broadcasting transition. Its mandate includes coordinating all involved stakeholders such as the ECOWAS community, the African Telecom Union, and ITU, where the process was initiated.

Regrettably, there was no budgetary allocation to the committee since its inception in 2012 and 2013 and 2014. According to Amana, the Digiteam had to obtain its funds to attend all the pre-actualisation meetings. It was not until the current government, which came in office in 2015, did note meaningful progress in the entire DSO process, said Amana.

Amana commended the current Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, for enabling the rollout process. He continued to say; the Minister has been the driving force in ensuring that the project takes off the ground. In setting up the Ministerial Task Force on DSO implementation, the Minister has been able to motivate for funding and created the stakeholders' confidence for the successful delivery of DSO.


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