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Nigeria: Govt. Confirms Digital SwitchOver (DSO) Moves To Second Phase

The Nigerian Government has announced its second phase rollout of the Digital Switch Over to Lagos, Kano, Rivers, Yobe and Gombe States, two years since its inception in six states.

The aim is to ensure that the television broadcasting system is transformed from analogue to digital, and according to Prof. Armstrong Idachaba, the Acting Director-General of the National Broadcasting Commission of Nigeria, the rollout in the Nigerian state of Lagos kickstarted on April 29th 2021, to be followed by Kano state on June 3rd 2021, Rivers state on July 8th 2021, Yobe state on July 15, 2021, and lastly in the state of Gombe on August 12 2021.

The remaining states of Kwara, Kaduna, Osun ad Enugu are due to follow phase one start in June, August, and September 2021. The first official Analogue Switch Off is scheduled to take place on May 28 in Abuja, Nigeria. An approximation of 5 months has been given before each switch off to allow adequate public preparedness.

Phase 3 commences with the final Analogue Switch Off on December 8 and with Switch-On on December 2021. According to the Ministry of Information and Culture, the Federal Government will use Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and the Direct-To-Home (DTH) satellite signal coverage to determine the analogue switch-off time.

The ensure affordability of the decoder, the Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed said his ministry would reach out to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment to ensure raw material tariffs are reduced for the manufactures of the set-up boxes.  This will result in Set-Top boxes being within reach for the average Nigerian.

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