Former Nigerian Google Country Manager Decamps To Apple

In a recent LinkedIn post, Teju Ajani, the former Country Manager for Google, announced her move to Apple as the overseer of Sales and Business Development. According to her post, she is highly enthusiastic about her new role at Apple in Nigeria. She further accentuates the high possibilities in the continent, which have influenced her commitment to seeking a region position. Africa is a dynamic place, she adds. The prospects to bring another global brand are limitless.

Her post continued to explore the value of experience and its necessity for corporate and personal growth. “Successes, failures, lessons learned, all go with you from place to place where you get to reflect, add and refine them,” she wrote. Between January 2014 and April 2018, the software engineer served as Head of Content for Partnerships in Sub Saharan Africa at YouTube. She later moved to Oracle as the Principal Product Manager and her most recent roles as Business Development Manager at Google.

Ajani believes, alongside the challenges that are in Africa, there exists another side that is full of opportunities. “It is a place that can reward long term vision versus short term focus”, she wrote. My years of experience will help guide me towards valuable contribution to the organisation, and I hope to continue to impact Africa under my new capacity positively, she said.

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