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Online Broadcasting Regulations Underway In Zambia

Director-General Josephine Mapoma from the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) in Zambia has shared the authority’s plan to enforce guidelines and code of ethics for online broadcasting stations.

The Independent Broadcasting Authority has urged broadcasters to register operating licences without fear of censorship.  The IBA will not control the organisational editorial policies of the online broadcasters, said Mapoma. However, the act of failing to register will be regarded as defiance to set rules and regulations that have been placed under the IBA Act.

According to the authority, all broadcasting services, regardless of whether the information is transmitted through radio frequency spectrum or the most popular method, the internet, the online broadcasters need to acquire a broadcasting licence.
In a reported statement, Mapoma said, regulating content will ensure that broadcasters operate within the broadcasting code of ethics.

According to the latest statistics from Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA), there are over 10 million mobile internet users in Zambia, representing a 57.14% access rate to information and fixed internet subscriptions are currently representative 0.46% penetration rate.

Previously, IBA and the telecommunications regulator ZICTA created confusion concerning which of the two authorities is responsible for regulating online broadcasting stations. IBA had claimed that it did not have the power or mandate to regulate these stations.

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