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South African Household "TV Tax" To Be Set At US$18 (R265)

To alleviate budgetary constraints at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), Deputy Minister Pinky Kekana presented "TV levy" as the proposed saving grace for the broadcaster.

According to the proposal subject to approval by the Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni, the introduction of the annual household levy of US$18 could generate an estimated US$700,000 (R2Billion) a year for the SABC, a lifeline for the broadcaster that has seen a considerable drop in TV licence payments over the past few years.

The suggestion is to enforce the levy to all households that have the capability to access SABC programming, whether via analogue free-to-air TV and radio platforms or DTT, DTH, the internet and streaming services through the use of smartphones, tablets and computers. The suggested system would have the pensioners being exempted from paying the levy.  It should be noted that the levy will be based on the household's ability to access the public broadcasting content rather than on the consumption of that content.

Multichoice and other pay-tv subscription services have been called to help with the levy collection on behalf of the national broadcaster.


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