Broadcast Regulation

Senegal: Authorities Shut Down Local TV Stations And Restrict Internet Access

Sen TV and Walf TV have been suspended due to allegations laid by Senegal's regulatory authority. The authority has accused the TV stations of excessively covering and broadcasting protest images on loop after Pastef party leader and former presidential candidate Ousmane Sonko was arrested.

This news comes after protests broke out on Wednesday and Thursday between Sonko's supporters and police before his court appearance to face rape allegations against him.  As branded by his supporters, the key challenger to President Macky Sall is facing a rape trial after a woman from a beauty salon he went to for his back pain laid rape charges against him.

His parliamentary immunity has since been stripped in favour of the trial proceedings. The former presidential candidate has also raised his concerns, alleging that the president's allies are smearing his name to ensure that he cannot run for the 2024 elections. Netblocks, an internet monitoring service, said that the internet has also been partially restricted in Senegal.


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