Zambian Ministry Denies Allegation Of Spying On Citizens' Communications

A report by the University of Toronto titled "Running in Circles: Uncovering the Clients of Cyber-Espionage Firm Circles" has caused an uproar in the Zambian ministry after naming the country as one of seven African countries that spy on its citizens.

Mutotwe Kafwaya, the Minister of Communication and Transport, has denied all claims raised in the report and asked that the allegations be passed as chatter.  According to Kafwaya, the organisation is not aware of any Israeli company working with the government to eavesdrop on Zambian citizens' private communication. Kafwaya has also advised Zambia's people not to accommodate the accusation in fear of causing a divide within the country.

Circle's platform is designed to intercepts mobile networks by allowing spies to read messages, email and listen to phone calls in real-time.

Apart from Zambia, Circle has been reported to having ties with Botswana, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.  

"Circle" has yet to comment on the report outcome.


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