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M-Net Secures Exclusive Rights For Prince Harry And Megan's Interview With Oprah

Multichoice M-Net has acquired the exclusive broadcasting rights to Oprah Winfrey's exclusive 'tell-all' interview with UK royal Prince Harry and American wife, Meghan Markle. According to TV with Thinus, the show will fly on DStv M-Net channels on March 8, just a few hours after viewers in America have seen it and way before it is available to UK screens.
The 2-hour interview, presented by the broadcast network CBS, has Oprah Winfrey digging into what seems a no-holds-barred interview of the UK royal household relationship with the couple since they got married. They are also said to have talked about their future endeavours now that Prince Harry has stepped aside from his royal duties.
The show is being distributed around the world by ViacomCBS Global Distribution Group. And they aimed to ensure that the show goes to the most prominent broadcasters in territories that are keen to show the programme. It has not been revealed how much the rights costs and, indeed, what the distributor's commercial arrangements are with M-Net as the exclusive rights owners for Africa.
The interview show, called "CBS presents Oprah with Meghan and Harry, " is produced by Harpo Productions. Terry Wood and Tara Montgomery are the executive producers, with Brian Piotrowicz as the co-executive producer.

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