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Pressure On M-Net And Rapid Blue For Love Island SA Debacle

The media industry have been reporting on the calling-out of Multichoice M-Net and the production house Rapid Blue over some alleged issues surrounding the production and presentation of the reality show "Love Island - South Africa".
First, it was the issue with the diversity of the cast in the show. It was reported early in the week by the BBC that there was an apparent lack of diversity in selecting actors for a show meant to be for a South African / African audience.
Second, it was the issue with actual bungles in production values, with sources saying that there has been significant problems and issues with the sound, music, voice-over narration and cinematography set-up. The show's producers are also facing questions on location choice - this year's show is set in a vineyard!
Things are said to have gone awfully bad with the show that it has reportedly lost its headline South African sponsor, 'LottoStar'. Responding to deal with the fiasco, M-Net has issued a statement which reads in part: "You called us out on the lack of diversity and production quality in our first episode of Love Island SA. We're sorry - we didn't meet our usual standard on both counts. We are working tirelessly to fix things and to deliver the Magic you deserve."

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