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AfDB Look To More Investment For The African Creative Sector

The African Development Bank (AfDB) believes that Africa's digital and creative platforms should be massively scaled-up with more investment and financial support.
Speaking during a virtual meeting on "The New Face Of African Collaboration" that included Afreximbank and Netflix, AfDB's director for the Africa Investment Forum, Ms Chinelo Anohu, said that it would be looking to put in place the necessary infrastructure to bridge the funding gap in Africa's creative industry. The President of  Afreximbank, Mr Benedict Oramah, said his organisation has already created a US$500-million fund in January 2020 to help fund and support Africa's creative sector and its industries.
Also speaking at the virtual meeting was Dean Garfield, a vice president of Public Policy at Netflix. He contributed that the focus and cohesive infrastructure that is being put in place on the pan-Africa level could address some of the challenges affecting the realisation of Africa's creative potential, which frequently includes issues such as lack of protection for intellectual properties, fragmentation of payment systems and more.

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