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Cannes Film Market Explores Possibility Of Spring Screening Event, Virtually!

The Cannes Film Festival organises that it is exploring the real possibilities that the Cannes Film Market will happen only virtually in the spring, possibly in May or June. According to the reporting by 'Variety', this will ensure that the virtual screenings for buyers and sellers take place well ahead of the actual film festival, which is now hoped will happen in July 2021.
It has also been reported that the July event is being planned as an in-person or physically attended event, and it expected that it would also have the film market element running alongside as well.
Further clarifying the arrangements, sources close to Cannes' Marché du Film say that only titles expected to be sold at the film market will be screened early during the virtual spring event. In contrast, items in the "Official Selection" will be screened during the live, in-person show in July.
Cannes' Marché du Film is one of the biggest film and content markets globally. The festival is often a jamboree that brings together film-makers, producers, distributors, and entertainment content agents around the globe.

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