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"End Sentech's Monopoly Now"! - SABC Begs The South Africa Govt.

The South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has insisted that the near-legal requirement that it could only buy digital distribution through terrestrial towers and satellite platforms from Sentech is "monopolistic" and has become onerous. Therefore, the corporation will wish for the South African government to look at how to change the dynamics.
According to the SABC, its current position is subjecting it to "monopolistic pricing", which in its opinion is "in conflict with the definition and role of the common carrier set out in the Electronic Communications Act (ECA) of 2005."
SABC is said to be submitting a petition that will submit that even as Sentech is mandated to carry public broadcasting services in South Africa, there is no nailed-down legal requirement for the SABC to utilise Sentech for signal distribution to the exclusion of other competitive options.
The SABC's petition will ask that the public broadcaster must be legally allowed to retain the freedom to choose the best platforms for the SABC. The public service broadcaster says it will be committed to the principle of technology neutrality and will prefer to implement both DTT and DTH for its digital services on a cost-benefit basis.

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