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South Africa: Netflix Adds Age Rating Restrictions To Content As Per Regulations

Most, if not all of Netflix's content accessible in South Africa, are now being labelled with age and maturity rating restrictions that would bring them in line with the South Africa Films and Publications Board (FPB)'s standards and requirements.
Until now, Netflix's content viewed by South Africans has been decried by the regulators as not abiding by South African Film and Publications law which specifically requires that all films, games and publications distributors must not only register with the FPB but must also make sure their materials have been adequately classified before reaching consumers.
It does now seem that Netflix and the FBP have reached a truce, and the content on the streaming platform will now be brought under the necessary regulatory ambit. The FPB's ratings will appear on the Netflix platform's content as both age ratings and consumer advisory.
The South African Films and Publication Board says the classification guidelines it provided align with current social values and norms of South African, and it is designed to provide advisories and offer protection to vulnerable members of society.
Speaking to MyBroadband, a South Africa industry media outfit, Netflix said: "Our work with the Film and Publications Board is part of our wider efforts to give our members more control and choice. We want our members in South Africa to have the information they need to make informed entertainment choices for themselves and their families."

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