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TV Stations In Nigeria Must Now Deliver Sign Language Interpretation

With more than 31 million registered disabled persons in Nigeria - a sizeable chuck with some form of hearing impairment, the media industry has welcomed the latest directive from the government stipulating that all major TV stations must now feature a sign language interpreter during "major newscasting".
Issuing the mandate to all public and private broadcasting outfits in Nigeria, the government's hope is that this measure will stop the "obvious discrimination that seemed to have been sustained for so long against people with disability in Nigeria".
The Nigerian broadcast industry regulator, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), confirmed that including sign language in newscasting is already an essential part of its rule-book. It is now being re-activated.
NBC has asked that all TV stations comply with the broadcasting code's provisions as it would become illegal not to do so. Nigeria currently has a law that guards against discrimination on disability, with a substantial fine and imprisonment for violation.

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