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EVA Telenovela Channels To Be Axed From Multichoice DStv and GOtv Platforms

Multichoice has now canned EVA, the AMC Networks' telenovela channels it has carried on the DStv and GOtv platforms for over five years. Sbu Mpungose, a spokesperson for Multichoice, confirmed that they would be removing, in March, the EVA and EVA+ channels from the DStv and GOtv bouquets.
Mpungose said: "from time to time, MultiChoice together with third party channel owners review the channels available on the DStv platform which at times result in the addition or removal of channels; it is for this reason, EVA and EVA+ will no longer be available on the DStv platform from 22 March 2021.
The EVA channel, which has adorned the Multichoice bouquets for more than five years, is known for the "Bold and the Beautiful Show". However, according to industry watchers, the telenovela channel also has the unenviable reputation of "never-ending repeats".
Although the reasons that Multichoice has offered its subscribers for removing EVA and EVA+ from their viewing pleasure is that they (Multichoice) no longer have airing rights for the channels, industry experts think that the real reason is more because the telenovela channel was now offering DStv and GOtv negative value. The EVA channel was launched by AMC Networks International in 2015 and offered South American telenovelas dubbed into English and Portuguese.

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