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Make SABC A "Public Service Media Entity" Funded By Household Tax - Says Minister

The South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) should be declared a "Public Service Media Broadcaster" and be directly funded through a newly imposed household tax. This is according to a recent proposal by the deputy minister in the South African department of communications and digital technologies, Ms Pinky Kekana.
In the proposals shown to the country's lawmakers, Ms Kekana lamented that the SABC is in an untenable competitive position, given that most users of broadcasting services will be increasingly found online and there ought to be a restructure of the SABC operating mechanisms if the body is to expected to thrive.
The minister opined that "SABC is still not properly funded". And to her mind, the surest way to put the public broadcaster on well funded and competitive footing is for the government to officially declare SABC as a "public service provider", which will enable it to be directly funded via a household levy or tax.
Kekana said: "We cannot fold our arms and say the status quo must remain when we know our public broadcaster is dwindling." Experts and industry observers are, however, unsure if this new government proposal can be validated, because, to start with, the SABC is currently regarded and treated as a Public Broadcaster - unless, of course, "the minister wishes for the SABC to become a full-fledged state entity" said an informed expert.

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