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YouTube Committed To Kids Programming With Nine New Shows

YouTube, the Google-owned video streaming platform, has announced it will be remarkably expanding its foray into children content with a new slate of nine original kids programming that will premiere in 2021. This is up from just two that was released in 2020.
The new array of children shows lined-up by YouTube for 2021 will include: "Supa Strikas: Rookie Season," - a prequel to a YouTube show about a pan-African soccer team; "The Guava Juice Show," an animated series with L.A. YouTube star Roi Fabito; "The Workout Badges," featuring kid-friendly exercise routines; next-generation journalists in "Kid Correspondent" and preschool animated series  "Lottie Dottie Mini"; "The Eggventurers;" "Millie and Lou,".
Nadine Zylstra, the head of Family, Learning and Impact at YouTube Originals, said that "Every show at some level fits this big idea of helping kids uncover and develop their unique strengths and passions. YouTube says it is doubling-down on content that appeals to children. It is now fully focused on growing its audience share of the "global market for family entertainment" and building a new generation of viewers. According to the company, its YouTube Kids app already has a weekly audience of 35 million.

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