Telecom Namibia And Paratus To Land Google Subsea Cable In Namibia

Telecoms Namibia and Paratus have announced their finalised agreement to land Equiano - the subsea cable project from Google - in Namibia. According to the media from both organisations, the cable will enable more than twenty times the standard network capacity of the previous cables that have been landed in the country.
Commenting on this strategic development, the chief executive officer for Telecoms Namibia, Dr Stanley Shanapinda, said: The Equiano cable project's partnership affirms that strategic alliances will significantly promote economic growth and digital transformation and also accelerate Namibia's participation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
On its part, Mr Barney Harmse, the group chief executive officer of Paratus, said, "This is a major milestone for Paratus. We are honoured to be co-investing with Telecom Namibia on the Equiano subsea cable project because this matches our goals of delivering unlimited connectivity and building Africa's quality network with all the Internet capacity it needs."
The new cable infrastructure, which will complete towards the second quarter of 2022 is expected to enable networks in Namibia with greater capacity and allow consumers to provide and use digital services that would "turbo-charge" the country's telecoms sector.

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