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Nigeria's EbonyLife Studios Links Up With Westbrook Studios To Produce Content

EbonyLife Studios, the Nigerian production company (led by Ms Mo Abudu) has announced it is partnering with Westbrook Studios (of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith) to co-produce a number of African-focused films and TV work. EbonyLife has hailed the partnership as "the first of its kind for Westbrook in Africa".
With the tie-up, EbonyLife Studios will, on the initial plan, work on at least two series and one film. The slated projects could include series such as 'Dada Safaris' and 'The Gods' as well as a romantic comedy movie 'Are we getting married'.
Commenting on the Westbrook Studios partnership, Mo Abudu, the chief executive of EbonyLife, said: "It is a dream come true. We all dream of lofty goals becoming a reality. One day those dreams come true, I'm proud to announce that our vision of EbonyLife Studios being in partnership with Will and Jada's Westbrook Studios is now real. We are beyond excited!"
Ms Mo Abudu continues, "Westbrook aims to create powerful and inclusive content, and that is totally in line with our vision at EbonyLife. We strive to tell global African stories from the perspective of an African. Together, we will be developing a slate of projects that reflect our shared goals."

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