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Multichoice "Going Hyper-Local" To Fight Netflix - Says Group CEO, Mawela

Calvo Mawela, the group chief executive for Multichoice, has laid out his organisation's vision and plans to fight and possibly beat back Netflix incursion into its market territories. Speaking on the CNN Connecting Africa programme, Mawela summed up the strategy with the catchphrase "going hyperlocal"!
According to the Multichoice supremo, they have invested heavily and will continue to invest in local content across Africa. He said his media group had spent over US$135 million on local content productions across the continent, and the plan is to raise the local content quota across the Multichoice offering to 45%.
A laser-like focus on local content across Multichoice satellite and online media platforms will enable it to guard its market share against the likes of Netflix and other international OTT services providers, Mr Mawela believes. In his judged opinion, Africans wants local content, and Multichoice is the company that is well placed to deliver on that differentiating strategy.
Mawela said: "If we focus on going hyper-local as our key differentiator, we will be successful. Because the likes of Netflix, they will come and have some level of local content, but I'm not sure if they will get to the level of localisation that we do in terms of different languages across the continent.
Industry observers noted that the DStv, Multichoice satellite broadcasting platform has been bleeding out subscribers for some years. The wonder is whether the new hyper-local vision is clear enough to win them back. Multichoice says it added more than two million subscribers to DStv across Africa. However, it is noted that this surge is from its cheaper packages only.

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