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Zambia: Govt Introduces Bill To Tackle Social Media Abuses

The Zambian president, Mr Edgar Lungu, has said his government will no longer tolerate social media abuses and has warned that he will approve of a crackdown on anyone suspected of abusing the country's social media platforms.
Speaking during a public function, the president confirms that a new Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Bill has been introduced into the statute book, and it provides the powers to purposeful deal with social media abuses, be it "used to promote violence, abuse innocent people or propagate insults against government officials."
ZICTA (The Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority) has been charged with putting a stop to what will be seen as "irresponsible use of social media platforms" and only allow people that use the platforms for the "good of society". ZICTA would, according to sources, be working with mobile phone operators to access social media users and usage.
However, several stakeholders and civil society watchers are unsure about the motive of the government crackdown on social media use, suggesting there is more to it than just stopping bad actors on the platform.

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