5G Network

5G Networks Under Testing Regimes In 18 African Countries

According to new information from the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), there are now eighteen African nations currently testing out or at the initial stage of deployment of the 5G networks infrastructure.
Reporting from Connecting Africa say that as of February, twenty-four operators across eighteen countries were either evaluating, testing or at the early stages of 5G deployment, with at least eight operators already taking the deployments into the "pre-commercial" or "commercial" networks. Among the operators who have initiated 5G pre-commercial/commercial deployment are MTN, Rain, Vodacom - all in South Africa, and Telma in Madagascar. According to Connecting Africa's report. MTN has also been reported to have carried out 5G tests in Uganda and Nigeria, while Safaricom and Gabon Telecom are trialling in Kenya and Gabon.
According to the GSA, the global picture shows a total of 413 operators across 131 countries are involved in one form or the other with 5G, out of which there are currently 144 commercial networks, and live 5G services in 61 countries.

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