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Berlin International Film Festival (BIFF) To Screen Two Egyptian Films

This year's Berlin International Film Festival (the 71st edition) has been announced as two separate but inter-related events. The first is the Industry Event on 1 - 5 March 2021, and then the Summer Special Event on 9 - 20 June 2021.
The Summer Special Event will contain the BIFF screenings and listed to be screened at the festival are two films by the Egyptian directors Ayten Amin with his film "Souad"; also Sharief Zohairy with his film "Seven Years Around the Nile Delta."
"Souad" is about two teenage sisters operating in two different worlds of the virtual and physical and the social dynamics pushing and affecting them. Screening at the BIFF would signify the world premiere of "Souad". "Seven Years Around the Nile Delta" chronicles the travel experiences of film director Sharief Zohairy who started a journey around the Nile Delta at the start of the Egyptian revolution, culminating in a seven-year story time-line that shows the travel film genre in a new perspective.

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