Digital Migration

South Africa To Start Phasing Out Analogue Transmitters As Early As Next Month, Says Govt.

The South Africa President, Cyril Ramaphosa, has declared that, after many false starts and delays, his government would start the "phased switch-off of the analogue TV transmitters from next month. The president made the declaration during the annual South African "State Of The Union Address (SONA)" during which he also highlighted the updated timeline for progressing with the country's migration plans.
Industry watchers have lamented at the South African Digital migration programme's excruciatingly slow place, which seems at time to have stalled. They have been bogged continuously by stakeholders squabbles and never-ending leadership changes.
All this seems about to change, because as Mr Ramaphosa puts it during the SONA, "The completion of digital migration is vital to our ability to effectively harness the enormous opportunities that are presented by technological change that is just going on around the world.  
The government now says it anticipates that the digital switch-over process, which is being done on a province by province basis would be completed by the end of March in 2022. If achieved, this should bring the just under 4 million South Africans still receiving analogue signal into the digital terrestrial television (DTT) space.

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