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International: BBC World News Banned In China Over Alleged "Biased Reporting"

According to reporting from the Xinhua news agency, the Chinese broadcasting authority said on Thursday that it is banning the BBC World News from broadcasting with its borders.
The Chinese National Radio and TV Administration (NRTA) said it has found the BBC to have "undermined China's national interests and ethnic solidarity" as a result of some of its reports that have "gone against the requirements that news reporting must be true and impartial." The Xinhua news agency report quoted the statement from the NRTA which read: "As the channel fails to meet the requirements to broadcast in China as an overseas channel, BBC World News is not allowed to continue its service within Chinese territory. The NRTA will not accept the channel's broadcast application for the new year."
Of course, the BBC has refuted any "biased-reporting" allegation, declaring that the BBC is an editorially independent organisation - even as it is publicly funded. It is also noted that the Chinese have typically limited the distribution of BBC content by only allowing the BBC World News programme only inside international hotels. Even at that, it would censure the reports. Responding to the move to ban the BBC World News from the Chinese territories, a BBC press executive said: "We are disappointed that the Chinese authorities have decided to take this course of action, The BBC is the world's most trusted international news broadcaster and reports on stories from around the world fairly, impartially and without fear or favour."

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