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Online Forum: "Audiovisual Archives - Preservation Standards And Successful Management Strategies For Africa"

As part of the ongoing Industry Programme on the Preservation of Africa's Audiovisual Media Assets focusing on developing the capability to catalogue, archive and preserve the content assets within Africa's broadcast media industry, Broadcast Media Africa (BMA) in collaboration with Apricity Consulting is announcing our forthcoming industry forum on: "Audiovisual Archives: Preservation Standards And Successful Management Strategies For Africa."

The online industry forum will take place on Thursday 18th March 2021, virtually on Zoom.

It will offer stakeholders and practitioners in Africa new insights and practical knowledge on managing content preservation plans and activities in the digital ecosystem.
Participants will be from senior executives positions and practitioners in content preservation across many audiovisual platforms.

Key issues to be looked at the industry forum will include:

-  The evaluation of the golden rules of digital preservation
-  How to create and implement a workable digital preservation strategy for audiovisual archives
-  Options available to address the digital preservation needs of archives
-  How to audit your organisation's capability to manage the digital preservation of archived content
-  Developing a 'credible roadmap' for legacy content preservation via sustainable archiving management policy 

Professional and industry executives interested in participating in this forum can send a request-to-attend email to  | Or REGISTER HERE


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