Broadcast Regulation

"The Future Of Broadcasting In Nigeria Is Private" - Industry Regulator Suggests

Professor Armstrong Idachaba, the current acting director-general of the National Broadcasting Commission (Nigeria's broadcast industry regulatory agency), has suggested that there is a need for more private broadcasting outfits to be established in Nigerian broadcast media space.
Speaking during a public engagement in the south-west Nigerian city of Abeokuta, the regulator chief said he is rooting for more private broadcasting concerns, not only because it is, in his opinion, where the future of the industry in Nigeria lies, but also because it offers Nigerians with "multiplicity of choices".
According to its acting head, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has realised this fact and has, therefore, expanded the categories of broadcasting licences that it has been issuing.
Professor Idachaba also said that private broadcasting is a significant booster of employment within the creative sector. He projected that over 300,000 jobs could be created in the private sector of the broadcast media industry in the course of the country's transition to digital broadcasting.
While he warns that his organisation will look out for loose ends creeping in with a mushroom of private broadcasters, the Commission believes that only the private sector engine can deliver the kind of content variety and programme multiplicity that the Nigeria society craves.

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