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SABC Says Turnaround Plan Is Working - As Ad Sales Volumes Surge

The South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has asserted that the strategic turnaround plans it began implemented a while ago is working and, has indeed, started to bear fruit. The public broadcaster reports that as a direct result of the turnaround initiative, its commercial activities have delivered significant results in advertising sales.
It was reported that the public broadcaster in South Africa, for the first time in five years, managed to sell out its prime time advertising inventory for its SABC1 and SABC2 channels in November 2020. In December 2020 SABC was able to achieve 92% of its adverts sales target.
Industry experts that follow what is happening with the SABC also say that  “The broadcaster’s TV commitment book is going beyond
their wildest expectations  across all the SABC platforms they looked at, saying this is certainly the highest they have ever been.”
Senior SABC executives seem to agree with the experts. In a statement, they said that the results support their “commitment to turning the organisation around and making it a financially sustainable entity. It also validates our approach to re-engineering the way business has always been done in the organisation.

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