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DStv May Soon "Cease To Exist" Without The Levelling Of Streaming Field

Multichoice, the pan-Africa satellite-based Pay-TV behemoth has, again, voiced it worry that its DStv platform is well under existential threat, and could potentially go into extinction, unless industry regulators in South Africa, and indeed across Africa take urgent action to protect it from the onslaught of international OTT streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, HBO Now, Peacock and YouTube.
Multichoice re-iterated that these OTT operators are its biggest competitors, saying that "Currently the competition is fierce and will continue to snowball and in a disruptive way, and We consider providers like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, HBO Now & Peacock to be a competitive existential threat."
Multichoice also debunked the idea, emanating from ICASA (the South African industry regulator) that they are somewhat protected from the streaming platforms because many South Africa (and indeed, many in Africa) still suffer from a considerable broadband deficit, and would not be able to access the streaming platform, thus still relying mostly on DStv services.
The company pointed to a study showing that "three-quarters of DStv subscribers" are also watching TV products via other devices, suggesting that they have ample access to broadband for streaming.
Multichoice says it is already experiencing the impact of the streaming providers' activities in its markets. It has now been recording steep decline it the subscription to its lucrative premium subscription. A statement attributed to the company said: "The four largest DStv bouquets across all levels have seen significant falls in real prices in the last three years,"
Crying for help, Multichoice statement concluded that "Strangling MultiChoice does not guarantee access to rights and will impact other licensees, jeopardise jobs, erode the tax base, and cause harm with no benefits to the country."

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