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"Al-Sit" - Short Film From Sudan Premieres At Short Film Festival In France

"Al-Sit" is a Sudanese short film directed by Suzannah Mirghani. It has premiered at the internationally acclaimed Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival in France, taking place from 29 January – 6 February 2021.
Al-Sit is a sentimental story that plots around Sudanese women's contemporary experiences, with a theatrical comparison of the different life status and spotlighting the impact that the modern world has had on these women and their society.
Written and directed by Suzannah Mirghani and starring Rabeha Mohammed, Mohammed Magdi, Mihad Murtada, and Haram Basher, Al-Sit story followed 15years old Nafisa from a cotton-farming village in Sudan, and whose parent has arranged for her to be married to a young Sudanese businessman. But of course, Nafisa nurtures her plans, so the question is which way Nafisa will turn?
Al-Sit short film is distributed MAD solutions and did receive production grant from the Doha Film Institute.

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