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Radio: BRC Keen To Spotlight Shifts In Listenership Via RAMS

The South Africa Broadcast Research Council (BRC) has said it is working to identify and highlight notable audience behavioural shifts happening within the radio broadcast space, especially given the continued effect of the Covid-19 pandemic and the perenially lack of audience data that had beset the radio broadcasting sector.
Therefore, the BRC has announced the commissioning of an "interim radio data study" to provide a more "comprehensive update on the industry". According to Gary Whitaker, the CEO of BRC "As the pandemic hit, there was no doubt that radio stations would see fluctuations in audience data. This saw shifts and changes to people's routines and habits and These shifts in routines and habits have led to massive changes in media consumption, mainly, increases in listening and viewing habits."
According to the BRC "The focus of the interim RAMs study and what will come out of it will help the industry gain a deeper understanding how radio consumption has changed and will continue to change over time.
The study being undertaken should deliver a "Total Radio listenership level" that will help realign, reset and help future-proof the Listenership currency, which has been battered from the shortage of data and the impact of Coronavirus.
Looking forward, the BRC CEO said "We hope to reveal the way ahead and as soon as the second quarter of 2021 to show news ways listenership can be measured in South Africa following international best practices.

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