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BMA And 2Gwana Media Collaborate On Community Radio Broadcasting Programme

Radio remains a powerful broadcast medium. As broadcasting platforms become digital, Radio broadcasting, and especially Community Radio Broadcasting, will be expected to realise its potential as the primary medium for social information, entertainment and education.

In light of this, Broadcast Media Africa has joined-up with 2Gwana Media to launch a ground-breaking industry Programme that is focused on “Strengthening The Capacity Of Community Radio Broadcasting In Africa.” A year-long initiative, the Programme seeks to support industry professionals and practitioners by providing knowledge-driven tools and practices to help deliver successful community radio services across the continent.

Commenting on the Programme’s launch, Broadcast Media Africa’s publisher and CEO, Mr Benjamin Pius noted that this industry initiative is long overdue given radio importance in Africa: “We are delighted to be working with 2Gwana Media to bring this vital industry initiative to reality”.

Also commenting, CEO of 2Gwana Media, Mr Rhys Torrington said that: “Radio has always been the heartbeat of community communication across the continent, so our objective in collaborating with our colleagues at BMA is to fully support the evolution of the industry and the professionals within it.”

Key industry programme’s main objectives are:
- To understand and crystalise the challenges faced by community radio organisations and professionals in Africa.

- To provide capacity-building opportunities for industry professionals.

- To institute a Pan-African network of community radio professionals and executives.

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