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Global Trade Body -IABM- Publishes Broadcast Media Trends And Roadmap For 2021

IABM, the international trade association for the Broadcast and Media industry, published an updated version of its industry-standard Technology and Trends Roadmap for the Media and Entertainment industry. It shows an expected massive disruption to the usual content supply chain.

According to Peter White, IABM's CEO, speaking to the findings in the trends and roadmap publication said:
What we saw in 2020 was a rapid adoption of many technologies and trends that had previously been seen as 'bleeding edge'. This has fundamentally changed thinking in many content chain segments and sectors; for example, cloud solutions' implementation has dramatically accelerated. Organisations that were previously reticent to consider the cloud for storage and processing are now embracing it; using the cloud was in many areas perceived as risky before 2020 – now it's deemed to be risky not to.

"The new Technology & Trends Roadmap by IABM highlight all the changes that are happening in our industry into a powerful, easy to understand reference which will prove enormously useful to all sides," White concluded. Also commenting, Mr Stan Moote, IABM's CTO: "I urge all business leaders and technologists to use this industry reference roadmap to appreciate how the events of 2020 are a vehicle for change for future growth by having a fresh look at 2021 objectives in the light of insights revealed by the new Technology & Trends Roadmap."

Credit: contribution from BroacdcastPro ME

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