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Trailer Review: First-Look Preview Of "DAM" - A Showmax Original!

Showmax, the internet TV service that is part of the Multichoice Group, has recently released the trailer for its Original programme: "DAM" to premiere on Monday 22nd February 2021. "DAM" is described as "small-town psychological thriller" is presented in eight-part series and written and directed by Alex Yazbek (of the Unmarried, The Wild, and Isibaya fame)
"DAM" plots around Yola Fischer (Lea Vivier of Wonderlus) who had returned to the Eastern Cape (South Africa) for her father's funeral, to discover that she'd been bequeathed the family's farm. The farm inheritance turns out to be a double-edged sword for Yola, who can't be sure if the farm-house was talking to her or whether without her medications, the whole thing was just in her head.
The series is said to build on the success of Showmax's other scripted originals like Tali's Wedding Diary and The Girl From St Agnes.
Produced by Picture Tree, the show was shot on location the Bedford and Adelaide towns of the South African Eastern Cape of Amathole District. Showmax says that the film was made in partnership with the Eastern Cape Development Corporation, the Amathole District Municipality and Picture Tree.
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